When setting up your test with Userbrain you will be able to ask testers to complete different tasks. You can use as many (or as little) as you'd like when setting up your test. 

1. You can choose a template fitting your product if needed.

2. You can move your task boxes and change the structure of your test by dragging your tasks to the desired spot.

3. Duplicate your task with the left or delete it with the right icon.

Task Success Rate

You can now ask testers if they were able to complete their task successfully after each step of the test. On the one hand, the tester will be encouraged to make sure all questions are answered and everything was done.

On the other hand, testers that weren't able to complete a task will be reminded to explain what/why something didn't work - giving additional feedback that might have been left unsaid.


Task Preview

To see how your test looks for your testers you can click the preview button at the bottom of the screen: