The redirect function allows you to take the testers to a different website during your test. This means that you can start your test on one part of your website or prototype, and then move your tester to a new URL or section of your website on a later task.

You can, for example, show a different version of the site to get their opinion, or redirect to a competitor's site to compare or get more insight.

Consider telling the testers that they are about to be redirected to avoid confusion when another site is opened. The testers will see your text before they are taken to the new site.

Put in the URL address of the website you want to redirect to and it's all set.

If you want your testers to view a competitor's website, please make sure that your wording on the task is very clear as to when they should return to your website. Or even better, reuse the Redirect function to bring them back home to your website! If not, your tester may stay unintentionally on the competitor's website.