Our entire panel of 120,000+ testers are carefully picked and receive regular updates and training based on performance. Here's how it works:

  1. Onboarding process

    Applicants first run through an onboarding process where they watch tutorials of examples on how to test and what they can expect. They also receive instructions on how to correctly record their screen and microphone using our Browser Extension and Mobile Apps.

  2. Qualification test

    Our testers then receive a qualification test, which we check manually. If we’re happy with their video and performance, they are added into our user tester pool and we send them tests.

    Correct hardware and software setup for user testing, following all instructions given, articulated speech in the selected language, no background noise, etc, are just a few things that we look for during the qualification test.

  3. Star ratings & Problem Reports

    Testers can receive a 1-5 star rating for every test they participate in, which ensures consistent quality tracking over time. Our current testers’ average is an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars. If a tester's star rating dips too low, they receive feedback to improve their rating or are removed from our panel.

    When a Problem Report is left on any video from one of our testers, we conduct a manual investigation internally to provide feedback to our testers for their improvement. Too many problem reports, and the tester may be removed from our panel. We stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for every video that you receive from our testers.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact us here at support@userbrain.com.