Credits are the currency used on Userbrain to source testers from our panel if you are on the Pay As You Go Plan, or if you run out of sessions with one of our subscription plans.

One credit equals one video recording from a tester on our panel of testers.

You can buy a package of credits, or directly purchase individual credits when launching your tests.

When purchased, credits are added to your balance, and you can use them across all your projects and Userbrain tests.

How much do credits cost?

The price for one individual credit is $39.

You'll get credits for free if you purchase a credit packages of 30 or more:

  • 10 credits • Buy now
  • 30 credits + 2 credits for free • Buy now
  • 50 credits + 5 credits for free • Buy now
  • 100 credits + 15 credits for free • Buy now
  • 200 credits + 35 credits for free • Buy now
  • 500 credits +150 credits for free • Buy now

How many credits do I need?

1 credit = 1 video from a tester from our panel.

The number of credits you need depends on how many testers you need to test. We recommend testing with at least 5-8 testers per round.

Learn more here: How many testers do you need?

Do these credits expire?

No, the credits you purchase never expire. You can use them at any time for all your user tests with testers from our panel.

Can I use credits to test with my own users?

No. Credits can only be used for recruiting testers from the Userbrain panel.

You can always test your solution with your testers. Learn more about testing with your own testers.