Yes! You can select the gender, region, and age of your participants and have the first results in a couple hours. This is due to our diverse participant panel consisting of 120,000 testers.

What is demographic targeting?
If you want to test with very specific people, you can target them by selecting different demographics. For example, if you are testing a website for woman's clothes, you may wish that your testers only to be female. 

Available demographics:

  • Gender (Female, Male)
  • Region (United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Germany or Austria)
  • Age (18 – 34 years, 35 – 50 years, 51 or older)
  • Language (English, German, or Spanish)
  • Device Type (Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone)

You can select your desired demographics after your test is ready to go. Simply click: "Get testers". 


Use Screening Questions for more specific targeting

In addition to demographic characteristics (age, gender, place of residence, language), you might have other requirements to filter testers. Screening questions are about adding an extra layer of filtering who gets invited, unlike a survey, which aims to categorize invited participants and can be done as part of the test.

With screening questions, you could filter for example:

  • Interests and hobbies (mountaineering, art house films, classical music, vegan diet, etc.)
  • Habits (visits to the theater, means of transport, sports, media usage, etc.)
  • Attitudes (politics, religion, behaviors, design preferences, etc.)
  • Usage or visiting of certain websites, apps, or services (Spotify, Netflix, Financial Times, etc.)

Learn more about screening questions here.

Need even more specific targeting options? Please contact us