Why TestingTime?

Sometimes you need very specific demographics for your user tests. Therefore, we're partnering up with TestingTime to help you find your perfect match. You can then easily invite recruited testers to Userbrain.

What is TestingTime?

TestingTime is a platform developed for recruiting participants. Describe your target group so they can find suitable matches for you from their pool of nearly 1 million test users.

What do you need? 

To test with testers recruited by TestingTime, you either need the 'Invite your own' plan or one of the Userbrain Subscriptions. Both options support testing with your own testers or externally recruited users, such as testers recruited with TestingTime. 

Where do I get my results? 

All your finished tests will be visible on the Userbrain Dashboard. 

How does it work? 

Start by creating a new test at Userbrain. Here you can find more information on setting up a test with Userbrain. 


After you set up your test, continue to 'Get testers'.


On the 'Order Testers' window, go to 'Bring your own testers'. Slide the switch to enable the invite link and copy it. 


Now, open the website TestingTime and click on 'Recruit test users'.

Enter the name of your test as well as the number of user tests. For the study method choose 'Unmoderated user test'.


Proceed to the next step. Stick with the default setting for choosing the pool of test users. Now, you can specify the age range and gender, select a language and country, and specify the device skills of your target population. 


If you're happy with your defined characteristics, move on to the next step. You now can add screening criteria to narrow down your target group even more. You can either set up questions by yourself or let TestingTime do the work for you. This step is optional. 

The questions are structured similarly to the test instructions at Userbrain. You can choose between different question types such as Multi-Select, Single-Select, Free-Text or Numeric. Those questions will be answered by the testers before they start the test. TestingTime also has an inventory of questions you can use. 


Go to the next step. Here you need to enter Userbrain as your remote tool. 


Remember the link we copied at the beginning of this process? Now it's time to paste it into the 'Public link' field.

Copy the 'redirect-link'. With this link, the participants will be diverted back to TestingTime after successful participation.


Now, go back to Userbrain and edit your test again, and for the last test instruction add 'Redirect', and paste the previously copied redirect-link into the field.  


After this step, switch back again to TestingTime and select the estimated duration of your test and the time that you want your test to be delivered. 

You also have to provide additional information to your testers to ensure hassle-free participation. They will see this at the beginning of the test. Here's an example of what you could write: 

After this, you can choose from different add-ons. In the last step, you'll see the summary of your recruitment and can proceed with your order.