Userbrain works with any prototyping tool, that allows you to share a public link. Simply put, if you can link to it, you can test it.

We'll now guide you through the steps of user testing your prototype with Userbrain. You can learn more in the help center. 

How to test your prototype with Userbrain

  1. Click on the «Share» button in the upper right corner of the interface. 
  2. Select if you want to share the live version of your prototype or the version at that exact moment of timeScreenshot:
  3. Click on «Share with» and select «Everyone with the share link»
  4. Go back to «Options» and make sure the setting «Allow comments» is disabled
  5. At the preview settings make sure «Show Hotspots» and «Show navigational elements» are disabled
  6. Copy the link and paste it into Userbrain