Yes, you can! Once you've set up the initial test, you can automate it to repeat every week, every 2 weeks or once a month. We definitely recommend that you keep an eye on your tests though, so you can update them as needed!

Automated Testing is only available when you are subscribed to one of our subscriptions.

How to setup Automated Testing

  1. Set up your test and tasks and click on the 'Get testers' button.
  2. Select your target demographics and setup any screener questions
  3. Continue and select the number of testers you need per round of testing. After that, click to expand the 'Perform only once' box and chose how frequently your test should be repeated. 

Your automated test will repeat for as long as you have selected, or until you don't have enough sessions or credits to perform a complete round of testing. You can always manually stop your test, or top off your account with extra credits to continue your Automated Testing!

That's it! Easy right? In case you have any questions please reach out to