The Pay As You Go Plan is a flexible alternative to a monthly plan. Instead of paying a recurring monthly charge, you can buy test credits as needed. It's a good option for those who test infrequently.

What are credits? 
Test credits are needed in order to test videos from our tester pool. One test credit equals getting one test video from one participant. 

How to save with bulk pricing
You can save up to 30% when purchasing in bulk and get up to 150 bonus credits when purchasing 500 credits - saving a total of $5,850.

Pay As You Go credit packages start at $1,170 for 30 credits, with 2 added bonus credits - saving $78.

Buy credits in bulk

What if I’m not happy with a test?
All tests are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with one of the tests, we’ll replace the test without any cost. No questions asked.

Do credits expire? 
Credits never expire and will stay in your account as long as you're with us!